Advanced Estate Planning

In some situations, advanced estate planning is necessary to adequately protect assets and family members. If you have significant wealth, irrevocable trust techniques such as irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILIT), dynasty trusts, crummey trusts and section 2503 (c) trusts, and qualified personal residence trusts, can help distribute those assets. Additionally, real estate holdings can be placed in real estate trusts to secure them for beneficiaries.

Additionally, we can create charitable remainder trusts or charitable lead trusts for those who wish to provide for a charity in the future.

When businesses or family partnerships are involved, we can assist in transferring interest shares in closely-held businesses, setting up lifetime gifts for individuals, or otherwise guide you through business succession planning.

Further, we can structure your estate taking into account estate tax and other taxes that could diminish your estate, plan for gift tax returns and estate tax returns, and take additional precautions to protect your assets from avoidable taxation.

Planning for family members with special needs can be achieved through special needs trusts, also called supplemental needs trusts.

These more elaborate services can help address more complicated estate planning situations.